Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Respecting everyone using language

Orders, come from my father :"Take that newspaper come!" using a high tone of his voice. He is speaking in a way that giving order that makes me feel uncomfortable. I rather if he add a "Please" or "Help me" in front of it will makes me feel better. As I know that he is my father and everything he said, I must follow his orders. I will be willing to help him happily with my heart if he ask politely because I would feel he is respecting me. I would feel like he treat me like I'm his maid. After that, I knew that I need to use some words that makes people around me will be friends with me with their own heart and not just pretending to be another person when they are with me.

Body language is also important. I found this last week, when I saw my sister chatting in MSN and talking with me about some important things. She was chatting and talking to me at the same time she is looking at the monitor and not me. In the MSN, the person she was chatting to cannot saw her while I was sitting beside her and tell her to look the case seriously. I was angry when she showed her disrespectful expression to me and when I told her to look at me. I told her to look at me and she asked me why. Then, I was totally fustrated since she does not respect me by her body languague. I found out that we have some misunderstanding because lack of communication. I told her that what her action was totally impolite to me. She changed after we discuss about our arguement. After have some verbal and nonverbal communication between us.

Choi Hui Lei

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