Saturday, May 16, 2009

Importance of impressions

Interviewing for jobs, when we come to interviewing for a job, the first things that we need to do is giving a good impression on the employers. By having a good impression, it can really help us to find a good job. The first thing that we need for our impression is our manner. That is how we speak or how we act in front of the employers. We must speak politely and gently. We must also get used to it since we need that for our daily life. Not only speak politely and gently with our employers, and also our friends and family. We can give many people good impressions and we can make many friends. Friends can help us when we need them help. A good manner can help us to get along with others very well. For example, we can cooperate well with each other since we have a good manner and reduce a lot of argument. If we do not have a good manner, when we talk to each other, it can create a lot of misunderstanding because we speak so loudly and make them feel irritating.

Appearance will also affect our impression on people. Although English Idioms said that ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, still, in reality many people will judge a person, by its outlook appearance. For example, most of the schools, had taught that we must wear a uniform. Besides, even we in college, we must wear a formal shirt when we have a presentation. It means that everyone is judging a person by its outlook. Whereby, we need to have a tidy hair, shirt and shoes. The person will seem like neater and friendly. We will feel it is safe to make friends with a good outlook appearance person. So, we need to wear a neat and tidy cloth, with a good personal hygiene to have friends and can communicate with many people very well. Others will also feel comfortable if they are talking to a person like this.


Choi Hui Lei

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