Thursday, May 21, 2009

No One Listen To Me

When the first time I become group leader for our assignment, I was so excited. I feel that I had the power and thought that I can give command to others. I hope that I can be a good leader and trying to become one. At the beginning, I was tried to be polite and ask them some questions like: " I think we can do it in this way, want to try it out?", " Uh, can you add more details in this part?", "If you all had free time, can you all email the data to me?". After throwing a lot of command and works to them, I was happy and thought that I am a good leader. I thought that I have the power to order what was their responsibilities.

Until the end, none of them did what I said. I realized that they did not even respect me as a leader or a friend. I trying to be good and thought that this way is better for our cooperation. I were wrong. This way is not always works to every one. For some of those stubborn, not willing to listen to others, being politeness was ineffective. I was so frustrated, the dead line is coming soon and we had not complete any thing yet. All of them just counted on me to finish the assignment. Then I were too angry and shout at them like this: "You must finish this part by today and hand it to be by tomorrow." , "I will report to teacher if you all didn't cooperate.", "I will not accept anything excuses for the delay." On the next day, all my group member finish the whole assignment already I were so happy. From that day onwards, I know that if you lack of confident and sometimes be polite, eventually will leads to powerless speech where no people will listen and respect to you. In order to leads or to persuade, we must believe in ourselves and is better to have powerful speech for those who are not mature and not willing to listen to us.

Choi Hui Lei

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