Sunday, May 17, 2009

Believe and Listen to others

In this world, nothing is impossible. First and foremost, we need to believe in ourselves in everything. For example, in olden days people never thought that human can travel to the moon, but now, with the improvement in science and technology, we are able to travel to the moon or even outer space. It is because of scientists believe in themselves and have self-fulfilling prophecies. Without their hard work and believe, we may still can’t explore the milky galaxy. With self-fulfilling prophecies, we can do things out of our expectation and our dreams may come true.

In our normal daily lifestyle, communication is unavoidable; none of us can survive healthy without communication. Hence, communication will affect our believes, thinking and behavior. For instance, our parents, friends or teacher will tell us what is our weakness and so that we can improve our thinking and behave. Without communicating with them, we may become worst or dull in life. We need communication to have self-fulfilling prophecies and increase our self-esteem. Those who live with us from childhood to adult, play an important role in our life. They are the one who communicate with us and will affect us when we growing older. If they told us positive things, we might have a brighter future compare to those who surrounded by people who teach them negative aspect of life.


Choi Hui Lei

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