Sunday, May 24, 2009

How To Determine Your Self-Concept

As most of us know, our individual self-concept is very important mainly due to these 2 factors: Social Perception and Attribution.

Social Perception is the process by which we perceive impressions of others. Whereas Attribution is how we interpret behaviors of our own and others as it is particularly influenced by our self-concept. There are 2 ways of determining your self-concept and self-esteem.

The first way to determine yourself concept is through realization.
1. List down all of your characteristics, focus on your strengths
2. Along with creating your list of characteristics, include your beliefs and values
3. Recognize the strengths that you have listed down
4. Think of ways of improving yourself by learning to accept and love yourself
5. Learn to praise yourself
6. Develop a strong and positive attitude
7. Surround yourself with supportive people such as friends and families

The second way is carried out after you have realized your own potential and have made efforts to improve your self-concept.
Here is a self-esteem test from Queendom to see where your self-esteem stands. This test is made up of 79 questions, yes, that many but it is worth the time and effort to know about your self-esteem so you could improve them. Besides, it would only take less than 20 minutes. :) For the reason that an individual's self-concept and self-esteem changes, sometimes creating just a minor change may result to a surprising change in your life.

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Yang Su Ying

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