Friday, June 12, 2009

What real friend are

Friendship are important for everyone and need to communicate in daily life. When we feel depressed, we wanted to find someone to talk to and to tell our secret. Some secret must be kept for whole life as we don't want people to know it. It is rational to find someone that close to oneself to tell a deep secret. Normally, we will find someone that is very close to us and tell out our secret so that they can help us and to share some opinion with us.

Finding a best friend is very important in life. We cannot simply choose someone to talk to when we don't know each other, especially when we talk about private matters. As a friend, we should not tell others people secret when people tell us not to tell everyone. When they believe us, they will tell their secret to you. Some people that choose a wrong person to tell with, will end up of everyone knowing their deep secret.

As the relationship goes closer, it is expected to get deeper into the social penetration model. When we communicate every day, our relation will automatically get closer. Friends sometimes will hurt each other, however, if not too serious, they will recover very soon. Maybe they will get closer too!

Choi Hui Lei

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