Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lying without a word

I believe that in every one of us need to communicate with people. When we communicating, our hand will move or our face will come out with an expression. Nonverbal communication comes in a way that our expression will tell us the truth and verbal communication can lie to people. In my opinion, I think that one’s will only lie if they had done something wrong and they don’t want people to know about it and admit what they had done the wrong thing. Worst still, they even think that they are right in doing anything and what other do is wrong.

Recently, I have found that some people will do gestures when they are lying. They don’t dare to admit it. When they feel guilty, they do gestures or some expression on their face to cover their lies. They hope they can feel better when they do so. Some people like to do eye contact with people when they lying together. This is also a form of nonverbal communication.

For me, when I feel my parent were so annoying, when they are talking the same thing repeatedly everyday when I was playing computer games. Then, I pretend them and act like them when they talk to me the same thing. I talk but no voice coming out from my mouth. My hand and expression act like them. I copy their gestures when I feel annoying. When I do so, I feel better because I think that I understand what they want me to do but I just don’t feel like doing so. Maybe they will think that I am rude to them and not respecting them. This will form a lot of misunderstanding.

Choi Hui Lei

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