Saturday, June 6, 2009

Broking people's heart

Learning from non verbal communication, I like to do gestures when I was talking and presenting something. Nonverbal communication may cause a lot of misunderstanding, but I was still thinking that nonverbal communication maybe better than verbal communication. This is because non verbal communication does not hurt people easily as we can talk about different thing using same gestures.

That day, I meet my secondary school's friend. Then, she saw a fat guy wearing jeans that look unfit to him. She then point her finger at that fat guy, beside that fat guy is a pretty girl. I thought that she was jealous to that pretty girl. I said to her: “No need to jealous on people, everyone has its own good!” She then laughs at me and say: “Dude! I was talking about the fat guy beside!” I laugh out loudly and say that pointing your finger to there means many things and better to state it out clearly. We go back our own home after that. I was thinking that nonverbal communication really that important that it affects our daily life.

Choi Hui Lei

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