Friday, June 12, 2009

Getting together

Olden days, people don't have the technology to communicate when a person is at far apart. On the other hand, nowadays, people can communicate in everywhere at anytime. No matter how far apart, we still can communicate through various ways.

Internet help us to communicate with each other using verbal and nonverbal communication. Therefore, the relationship of friends are easily getting closer to each other. When people communicate with each other through internet, there might be a lie. Therefore, we need to be very careful when communication with the person especially when we know each other through internet.

Male and female have different intimacy style. As we want to communicate with the person that is opposite sex, we need to be careful and know what are the style of them. This can prevent misunderstanding between both of the people. When the intimacy of two person is getting weaker, they need to do something to save the relationship and prevent terminating a relationship.

Choi Hui Lei

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